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Monitor Your Child in the Hospital
It is important to remain on watch when your child is hospitalized. Dr. Laura Nathanson

Siblings with Disabilities
Siblings experience their sister's or brother's special needs in a number of ways and at different levels. Miriam Edelson

When Your Child Has a Disability, an interview with author Dr. Mark L. Batshaw.
Dr. Batshaw provides advice to parents and discusses his book, When Your Child Has a Disability. Allison Martin

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Interview with Carol Kranowitz, the author of the popular book on sensory integration, The Out-of-Sync Child. Allison Martin

Battle Cries: Children with Disabilities are Marginalized in Society
Children with special needs and disabilities are marginalized in our society. How can parents and special needs advocates encourage full inclusion of children with disabilities? An interview with Miriam Edelson, author of Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs Allison Martin

What Is Homeopathy?
Short description of the history of homeopathy. Carrie A.Hall

A mother of a child with multiple handicaps shares her waiting room thoughts. Carolyn Murray

Does Your Child Have a Hidden Disability
Your irritation with your child may reflect a hidden disability. Jill Curtis

Attachment and the Special Needs Child
The importance of attachment and bonding for children with special needs. Dianne Maroney

Getting Your Kids To Cooperate
End the nagging with this advice on motivation and compliance. Elizabeth Pantley

Preventing the Contagion of Stress
Causes of stress and how to keep it from spreading. Carl Pickhardt, PhD

A father considers the implications of his son's diagnosis of special needs. Jeff Stimpson

Strategies to Bolster Self Esteem
Suggestions for coaching your child to a strong and stable self-esteem. Dr. Steven Richfield

Profound Disability: Thought on Loving a Helpless Child
Loving a helpless child is a blessing. There is always something appealing, and interesting, about every person, if you look hard enough. Rosemary J. Gwaltney

Living in My Skin
In this interview with speech pathologist Lori Hickman, the author of Living in My Skin explains that professionals, family members, friends, communities and churches often do not understand the special needs of parents of special needs children. Allison Martin

Elizabeth.. A Christmas Blessing
A mother shares her feelings of her child's struggles. Lisa Saunders

For Families of Children with Special Needs
Coping with the news that your child has a disability. Jill Curtis

Helping Your Child to Sleep Through the Night
Dr. Jodi Mindell, the author of Sleeping Through the Night, explains how to get a good night's sleep for your child and yourself. Allison Martin

Speech and Language Development
Causes, milestones and advice for your child's early speech problems. Kimberly Powell, Ph.D.

We Can Do It
Photographer Laura Dwight discusses her philosphy of photographing handicapped children for children's books. Allison Martin

When Your Child Craves Attention - A Parenting Strategy
A psychologist offers assistance for attention seeking behavior. Tim Francis

Toddler Discipline
Practical advice for parents of toddlers, from a parent education specialist. Kimberly Meehan


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