Traveling with Children Who Have Special Needs or Disabilities

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Travel articles for special needs families.

Heightened Airport Security - Travel Tips for Airline Passengers with Special Needs
Travelers with special needs will find these advisory tips quite helpful in preparing to travel by plane. Travel recommendations for advance preparation, medical documentation, carry-ons, early arrival, airport security, communicating with airlines, and more. (Olney Foundation)

Airline Travel with an On-Board Pump or Implanted Ports
Travel tips for for bringing a pump or implanted port through airport security and on to an airplane. (Olney Foundation)

Travelers Disabilities: The Untapped Market
There are currently more than 50 million people with disabilities in the United States and 180 million worldwide, representing the single largest untapped tourist market in the world. (Craig Kennedy)

How To Choose A Travel Agent
Tips on selecting a travel agent; not all travel agents are created equal so you will want to shop around for the best one. (Peter Sterling)

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Logistics for a Trip with Your Child Who has Sensory Issues
Organization and preparation for traveling with your sensory sensitive child. (Carolyn Dalgliesh)