Preemies - Children Born Premature

Articles and resources for parents of children born prematurely.

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Preemie Book Reviews
Reviews of recommended books on prematurity.

Providing Comfort and Developmentally Supportive Care for Your Premature Baby
How you can comfort your premature baby in the NICU by minimizing noise, providing positioning support, and reading your baby's clues. (Susan L. Madden)

Developmental Risks and Followup
Early identification of developmental difficulties is believed to be critical to the success of treatments for these conditions. (Sheena Carter, PhD)

Risk of Visual Impairment and ROP in Premature Infants
Premature infants are at risk for a multitude of vision problems, thus your baby's eye appointments are essential. (TrezMarie T. Zotkiewicz, RNC)

Bonding is Never Premature
Bonding with your preemie baby in the NICU may take time, but like your child it will grow for a lifetime. (Kristine Repino)

Premature Baby and Child
The trials of having a premature infant do not end once you bring your preemie home from the hospital. An interview with Dianne Maroney, RN. (Allison Martin)

Long Term Care Needed for an Increasing Number of Families of Babies With Special Needs
The number of children who need specialized equipment and intensive medical intervention at birth is on the rise. Sadly, once a family walks out the hospital door, practical supports are in short supply. (Miriam Edelson)

Prematurity : Parents and Peers
When you have a preemie, the nature of the delivery makes it difficult to find a peer group. (Mara Stein, PhD, Clinical Psychologist)

Premature Baby and Child
An interview with co-author Amy Tracy. She explains how her book addressses the lack of information for parents of preterm babies, especially those who were more fragile. (Allison Martin)

Living Miracles
Prematurity is a world you never know exists unless life takes you there. Co-author Kimberly Powell describes her experiences editing the collection of preemie parent stories in this interview. (Allison Martin)

Living Miracles
Real life preemie stories - take one step at a time. Interview with Kimberly Wilson. (Allison Martin)

See also:

Gastroesophageal Reflux
Symptoms and management of reflux in premature babies. (Dianne Maroney)

Under Sensitivity to Pain in Children Born Prematurely
Parents describe pain tolerance in their children born premature. (Rene Milner)