Money : Financial Assistance for Your Child with Special Needs

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Articles and resources on financial assistance for your child who has a disability.

What Social Security Benefits Programs Are Available For My Child with A Disability? SSI SSDI
If your child or adult child has serious disabilities, they may eligible for Social Security benefits from one of several different programs. The most important of these are Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). (Rick Smith)

SSI and Low Birth Weight Preemies
Social Security - Supplemental Security Insurance financial assistance for low birth weight preemies in the NICU. (Nicole Zimmerman)

Is Your Child or Adult Child With Special Needs Eligible for Social Security Income - SSI?
What determines if a child (or adult child) with special needs, health impairments or disabilities qualifies for Social Security Income? (Rick Smith)

How Hard is it to Apply for SSI Benefits?
Encouragement for parents applying for social security benefits for their disabled adult child. (Rick Smith)

Keeping Track of SSI Benefits Expenses
Record keeping and money management for SSI benefits. What expenses should be tracked for Social Security Income and how to do it for your adult child. (Rick Smith)