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Out of Sync Child Sensory Integration Dysfunction

The Sensory Team Handbook: A hands-on tool to help young people make sense of their senses and take charge of their sensory processing
By Nancy Mucklow

"A unique book for preteens and teens about sensory integration that is chock-full of descriptions, suggestions, tips and fun facts designed to involve them in their own sensory integration plan (ie, sensory diet). Fun and easy to read, with cartoons, bullet lists, comics, icons, diagrams, quizzes and more, it describes sensory integration issues in a way that teens can discover for themselves how they may be affected and what they can do to function and feel better." (Allison Martin)
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Out of Sync Child Sensory Integration Dysfunction

The Out-of-Sync Child : Recognizing and Coping With Sensory Integration Dysfunction
By Carol Stock Kranowitz

"This is the most up-to-date and well known book about identifying and treating sensory dysfunction issues now available." (Allison Martin)
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Out of Sync Child Has Fun

The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids With Sensory Integration Dysfunction
By Carol Stock Kranowitz

This book contains nearly 300 pages of activities, exercises, games and projects for children with various sensory integration needs. Touch, hearing, balance and movement, vision, body position and even the sense of smell are all addressed. Key occupational and physical therapy issues are included, such as fine motor, gross motor, crossing the middle line, and bilateral movement. This companion volume to The Out-of-Sync Child presents activities that parents of kids with Sensory Integration Dysfunction can do at home with their child to strengthen their child's abilities-and have some fun together along the way.
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Out of Sync Child Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder
By Christopher Auer and Susan Blumberg

"This thoughtful book provides insight, guidance and tools for a wide variety of the special issues that families face while raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. Parents are given valuable tools to strengthen their relationships and to help their special children reach their potential. A useful book for professionals serving families, as well as parents who wish insight into their family dynamics." (Allison Martin)
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Understanding Sensory Dysfunction: Learning, Development And Sensory Dysfunction In Autism Spectrum Disorders ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Bipolar Disorder
by Polly Godwin Emmons, Liz McKendry Anderson

"This well written book provides examples of problems related to sensory integration dysfunction at school and home, along with ways to anticipate and ameliorate them. The authors demonstrate how parents and teachers can be detectives to understand via observation what is going on with these children, as not only the children's reactions but their observations and communication are unlike other children their age. This is a great resource for both parents and teachers, providing both a helpful overview and many specific examples of ways to assist children with serious sensory dysfunction at school and at home." (Allison Martin)
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The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family
By Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
"This book deserves a wide audience; not only is it beneficial for among parents struggling with attachment or behavior issues, but it will also benefit health care professionals and therapist working with these families. Based on practical experience and research, this book provides detailed and practical techniques parents can use in teaching their children appropriate ways to behave, while responding in a loving manner. It is especially useful for children from preschool to early middle school age with special needs such as sensory integration dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, mild autism, and other developmental impacts." (Allison Martin)
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Sensory Integration and the Child: 25th Anniversary Edition
By A. Jean Ayres
"The first book written for parents and teachers about sensory integrative dysfunction and its treatment. It remains a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to learn more about sensory integration theory and practice." (Allison Martin)
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Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder
By Lucy Jane Miller, with Doris A. Fuller

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Meghan's World: The Story of One Girl's Triumph over Sensory Processing Disorder
By Diane M. Renna and Regina Stark

"In this cute, informative picture book for children, we spend the day with Meghan, before and after she receives treatment for sensory integration. In terms appropriate for children, she experiences a variety of traditional and alternative therapies, including brushing, sensory diet, OT, therapeutic listening, autditory therapy, diet, nutritional supplements, vision therapy and physical activities. Now she feels happy and healthy." (Allison Martin)
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Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Integration Issues
by Lindsey Biel, Nancy Peske

"An indepth and comprehensive guide to almost all aspects of raising a child with sensory integration issues. Even if you have read one or two other books on sensory integration you will find this book helpful. It delves into topics that parents care about like self-care (such as dressing, tooth brushing, and eating) and socializing (such as parties, crowds, noise), providing suggestions for making these situations easier. Many other important aspects of parenting a child with sensory integration are addressed, such as coping with tantrums, rigidity, and overload. I would recommend this book to any parent who has a child with any level of sensory integration problems, but especially to those whose children are struggling in their daily lives." (Allison Martin)
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Love, Jean: Inspiration for Families Living with Dysfunction of Sensory Integration
By A. Jean Ayres, Philip R. Erwin, and Zoe Mailloux

"Provides three ways to look at sensory integration: through the eyes of the first researcher, an occupational therapist and a person with sensory integration issues. This approach is unique in presenting formally unpublished letters from Jean Ayres, but also in documenting the struggles of a student with sensory integration disorder over the course of his life." (Allison Martin)
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Building Bridges through Sensory Integration
by Ellen Yack, Paula Aquilla, Shirley Sutton

"This sensory integration handbook provides instructions for the use of sensory integration techniques suggestions for dealing with sensory problems in the environment - school, eating, social situations, tooth brushing, play, and so on. This book would be useful to Occupational Therapists already familiar with Sensory Integration who wish to include more techniques in their practice. It is also useful for parents or teachers of toddler through young elementary school age children who want to understand more about the subject." (Allison Martin)
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Songames for Sensory Integration

Songames for Sensory Integration (Audio Cassette & Booklet)
by Lois Hickman and Aubrey Lande

"This tape provides instructions and corresponding auditory and musical input for a wide variety of children's sensory integration games and activities." (Allison Martin)
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Sensory Secrets: How to Jump-Start Learning in Children
by Catherine Schneider

The importance of using information from all the senses to develop foundational skills necessary for growing, learning, decision making, and communication, includes examples, ideas, and strategies.
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Occupational Therapy for Children With Special Needs: Occupational Therapy for Children With Problems in Learning, Co-Ordination, Language, and Behaviour
by Elaine Wilson and Helen Edwards

A reference for occupational therapists and others working with children who have problems with learning, coordination, speech and language, and behavior.
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101 Activities for Kids in Tight Spaces : At the Doctor's Office, on Car, Train, and Plane Trips, Home Sick in Bed . .
Carol S. Kranowitz

Creative ways to keep kids content in tight spaces. Her activity ideas combine old standbys with new ones born of desperation and cramped quarters. They follow a philosophy that helps kids develop their different skills and abilities while entertaining themselves and interacting.
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Answers to Questions Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration
by Carol Stock Kranowitz, Deanna Iris Sava, Elizabeth Haber, Lynn Balzer-Martin, Stacey Szklut

An extensive set of checklists and other tools that for teachers and parents with children with sensory integration challenges.
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Danceland (Audio Cassette & Booklet)
by Aubrey Lande, Kristen Fitz Taylor, Cheryl McDonald, Lois Hickman, and Bob Wiz

Activities with music engage children in rythmic expression and sensory motor activities.
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Making Sense of Sensory Integration

Making Sense of Sensory Integration
Jane Koomar, Stacy Szklut, and Sharon Cermak

"An excellent introduction to the theory of Sensory Integration Disorder.. Balanced, well thought out and practical. Listen to it in your car or at home." (Allison Martin)
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Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World
by Sharon Heller

A developmental psychologist, with sensory defensiveness discusses her own successful therapy and how it transformed her life. The book includes an overview of the condition and treatment, including diet, medication and relaxation techniques.
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Sensory Integration and the Child
A. Jean Ayres

"How wonderful that this exemplary book is back in print! If you want to learn about sensory integration from the founder of the movement - this is the book to get." (Allison Martin)
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Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration Theory

Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration
Carol Stock Kranowitz and Stacy Szklut

"An nice introduction to sensory integration and therapy for teachers and others working with children with sensory integration issues." (Allison Martin)
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Instant Songames

23 Instant Songames
Barbara Sher, Aubrey Lande, Bob Wiz, and Lois Hickman

"A series of songs, activities and poems for young children which emphasize movement along with friendship, self-esteem, and self-expression." (Allison Martin)
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