Advocacy Books

Book reviews of my recommendations for useful books for advocating for your child.

Complete IEP Complete IEP Guide, The: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child
by Lawrence M. Siegel

This is an outstanding guide to the IEP process and I recommend it to any parent who is having difficulty getting an IEP for their child. It provides a very good overview on many important facets of the IEP, including who is eligible, who can be at the meeting, the types of items an IEP can cover, when or if to use an attorney, and much more. I have been to more IEP meetings than I can count and I still learned a lot from this book. It is revised every few years so be sure to get the most recent version.
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Off the Fence Off the Fence : Disability Advocacy
by Pat Linkhorn

Written with honesty and hard won experience, the author is a professional advocate with a number of school districts and the mother to two girls with special needs. She describes her personal experiences as a mother and an professional in securing services for children with special needs. Her stories offer an in-depth look at working within the bureaucracy to get your child the services they need. Parents and professionals will both find much to learn in her musings and stories.
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Complete Guide to Special Education The Complete Guide to Special Education: Expert Advice on Evaluations, IEPs, and Helping Kids Succeed
by Linda Wilmshurst, Alan W. Brue

Here is an overview of the special needs education system for those new to the process. Provides information on your legal rights and the process, from identification through the IEP.
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autism and special education Autism: Asserting Your Child's Rights to a Special Education
by David A. Sherman

This comprehensive resource reviews your child's education from early intervention prior to pre-school through the transition process from high school. It covers legal aspects of special education including IEP meetings, extended school year, least restrictive environment, section 504, and obtaining outside services. It includes a lot of specialized information on the law and how to get services with due process.
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