Motor & Movement Impairment & Cerebral Palsy Books

Book reviews of my recommendations for useful books for fine and gross motor and cerebral palsy.

As the mother of a adult child with mild cerebral palsy, I found working with a physical therapist when he was younger was extremely helpful in helping him develop strength and coordination. It also helps with his attention and fine motor abilities. Even as an adult, doing gross motor activities (including long walks, his version of swimming and exercises provided by a physical therapist) is still very helpful to his overall functioning. Below are some of the resources I have found over the years. Fine motor continues to be a problem and certainly was in school where he had less adaptations. I include some resources for fine motor activities here as well. I also found this list of fine and gross motor skill toys to be especially effective.

Cerebral Palsy Guide Cerebral Palsy : A Complete Guide for Caregiving
By Freeman Miller, Steven J. Bachrach

e best resource for parents for all aspects of cerebral palsy in children and babies. Highly recommended. Covers a range of ages (from baby to adult) and range of severity (impaired to handicapped). A large portion of the book is dedicated to questions and answers regarding the three major forms of cerebral palsy: diplegia, hemiplegia and quadraplegia. Includes an overview of child development; medical issues; psychological, and social development; and financial and legal information.
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CP picture book

Brothers and Sisters
by Laura Dwight

Heartwarming children's picture book about children with special needs and disabilities, written from the point of view of their siblings. A lovely display of high quality photographs is the main feature of each story, showing brothers and sisters happily interacting together, as they play and go about their normal day together. Informative and upbeat, this exceptional children's picture book stars children with Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Amputation (missing a limb), and other disabilities. I highly recommend this special needs children's book for libraries, schools, doctors, therapists, or home.
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Dexter and Me Dexter and Me - A Story about Motor Coordination
by Ines Lawlor

The only book I know of for children who have difficulties with motor coordination. For elementary age children, this book provides a way of understanding motor coordination problems and provides hints to improve skills.
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Teaching Motor Skills Teaching Motor Skills to Children With Cerebral Palsy And Similar Movement Disorders: A Guide for Parents And Professionals
by James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker (Editors)
Basic suggestions for researching cerebral palsy (e.g. finding guidelines on diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis) are followed by a number of topics, including organizations, associations, or other patient networks dedicated to cerebral palsy. Also includes resources for research dedicated to cerebral palsy such as contact names, links via the Internet, and summaries.
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Joy of Movement Gross Motor Activities

The Joy of Movement: Lesson Plans and Large-Motor Activities for Preschoolers
By Mary Lynn Hafner

Activities for preschoolers so they will use their bodies in a variety of ways and increase large motor skills. Aimed at teachers, but parents might find the ideas useful as well.
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99 Fine Motor Activities 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5
By Nicolette Roux

A book of of a variety of fine motor activities for young children. It goes beyond the usual writing and drawing exercises, to encompass a mix of fine motor activities. Directed at teachers, but useful for parents who are looking for ideas.
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Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit The Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit: From Diagnosis to Understanding
By Michele P Shusterman

This introductory book provides an guide as you go through the emotions of finding out your child has cerebral palsy. Provides an overview of risk factors, types of cerebral palsy, what to expect and how to work with your child. Filled with many positive photographs and easy to understand charts and language.
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Order Fine Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills in Children With Down Syndrome : A Guide for Parents and Professionals
by Maryanne Bruni

A useful and comprehensive handbook for parents or therapists who wish provide fun exercises for children to develop fine motor skills. Focuses on Down Syndrome but the play and exercises would be useful to many children with fine motor difficulties with their hands.
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Gross Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills in Children With Down Syndrome : A Guide for Parents and Professionals
by Patricia C. Winders

An excellent handbook for parents or therapists who wish to provide fun exercises with any special needs child needing to develop gross motor skills (large muscles).
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