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Songames for Sensory Integration

Lois Hickman and Aubrey Lande

Songames for Sensory Integration
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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Designed by occupational therapists and musicians, Songames is a musical activity cassette tape for sensory integration therapy. This tape provides instructions accompanied by songs and music for a wide variety of children's sensory integration games and activities. Occupational therapists will find this tape helpful in developing and implementing structured sensory integration and motor activities for children in their practice. Parents can use this tape, with directions provided in the booklet, to structure these activities at home with their children.

Songames provides a unique approach to promoting self-regulation through wake-up activities, dressing, fine-motor play, and heavy-work activities. The tape presents a series of activities which focus on a specific organizing or therapeutic principle - for example, modulating responses to sensory input or becoming more energized and attentive. Music is used to focus attention of children on the tasks and principles enunciated by the therapists in songs and poems on the tape. A variety of musical instruments and vocals accompany songs filled with amusing imagery intended to appeal to young children.

This is not a listening tape, but is intended to elicit a response and participation from children. Examples of activities include: kneading dough to a pizza song; slithering on the rug to a reptile song; and sipping a thick milkshake through a straw to a banana song. Under the guidance of a occupational therapist trained in sensory integration dysfunction, this booklet and tape provide the tools for a unique application of a sensory integration program for your child or for the children in your practice.

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