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Parenting a Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Christopher R. Auer and Susan L. Blumberg

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Due to their sometimes unusual reactions and needs, parents with children with sensory processing disorder may need additional levels of patience, compassion and understanding. In Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder by Christopher Auer and Susan Blumberg, parents receive valuable tools to strengthen their relationships and help their special children reach their potential.

The book begins with an overview of sensory processing disorder in all its variations. The authors explain that children with sensory processing disorder may be over-sensitive, under-sensitive, craving sensations or some combination of all three; plus any one or all of their senses may be affected - hearing, seeing, feeling, balance, smell, and so on. Although not always the situation, Sensory Processing Disorder often occurs with other disorders such as autism, ADHD and premature birth. Through their personal stories and the examples of other parent-advocates, the authors go on to illustrate the tensions of living with children who have different aspects of Sensory Processing Disorders. They authors impart a concrete message of hope and encouragement with their advice on problem solving, coping strategies and relationship building.

Families with special needs children must cope with more strain than many other families - financial, emotional and physical. This book provides insight into a wide variety of the special issues that families raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder will face. In a clear and articulate manner, Auer and Blumberg review the importance and role of each member in the family - mother, father and the "normal" siblings - while providing encouragement and recommendation. This section is quite effective as it provides supportive advice for each family member. In addition, the discussions of methods to increase your child's resilience, communication skills, and family relationships are practical and relevant for families of children with these invisible but apparent special needs.

The authors have personal and professional experience with Sensory Processing Disorder. Christopher Auer is the Director of Head Start in Denver, and has a son and brother with severe Sensory Processing Disorder. Susan Blumberg is a clinical psychologist and co-author of six books on family relationships, plus she has a daughter (who was born prematurely) with Sensory Processing Disorder. Their combined experiences results in a unique and highly relevant resource for parents of children with Sensory Processing Disorder. A useful book for professionals serving families, as well as parents who wish insight into their family dynamics.

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