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This is an annotated list of support groups and listservs for parents of children wih disabilities or special needs. Read descriptions and join the special needs parent support group that best meets your child's needs.

Special needs parent support groups and discussion listservs are excellent resources for parents of children with a variety of disabilites or special needs. In addition to these general special needs parenting groups, you may also wish to review related disability topic groups (such as sensory integration) in our Directory of Children's Disability Support Groups.

Our Kids
An excellent, well-established support group for parents of children with physical and/or mental disabilities and delays.
To Join: In the body of your email, send the message, SUBSCRIBE OUR-KIDS Your Real Name to or join online.
Listowner: Randy Ryan

Special Child Exchange Equipment Board
Discussion group and equipment exchange group to buy, sell, trade or donate equipment for special needs children. Helps families locate necessary medical supplies and/or durable medical equipment that is not being utilized. To Join, visit

Birth to Three Support
Support for parents and professionals in Birth to Three Programs or Early Intervention or ECI programs.
To Join: Send a blank message to or join online.
Listowner: Bridget A. Bailey

Child Dev Delays (Children with Developmental Delays)
Mailing list for parents of a child (or children) with developmental delays (speech and language, motor, cognitive, sensory, emotional and social, etc.).
To Join: Send a blank message to or join online.

Parents of Severely Disabled Kids
A support group for parents and families of children who are Severely/Profoundly disabled. Parents can find support for different disabilities including Cerebral Palsy Developmental Delays, Failure to Thrive, Feeding Tubes, Mentally Impaired, special needs, Spina Bifida, Seizures, Brain Injured, Scoliosis, CMV, Microcephaly, and many others as well.
To Join: Send a blank message to or join online.
Listowners: Judy, Lynne, and Christine

Rare Dis (Rare Disorders)
Rare Disorders mailing list for resources on any rare disorder and/or to network with other people with the same disorder. Not very active, but you can read the archives and if you post a question you will likely receive an answer.
To Join: Send the message, SUBSCRIBE RARE-DIS Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG or join online.
Listowner: Bill McGarry

CP-SK : Christian Parents Special Kids
A support group for Christian Parents parenting children with a wide variety of special needs.
To Join: Send a blank message to or join online.
Listowner: Lisa Little

Our Special Needs Children
Support group for parents of Special Needs Children, who have any of the following: Hypotonia, Speech Language Disorders, Apraxia, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delays, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, APD, Autistic Tendencies, PDD. I want this to be a place to share information, such as new treatments, supplements, diets, therapies, doctor recommendations, or just to ask advice or get support.
To Join: Send an email to OurSpecialNeedsChildren-subscribe@yahoogroups.comn or join online.

Special Child Exchange
A place to trade, sell, or donate special needs equipment and related baby and children's supplies.
To Join: Send an email to SpecialChildExchange-subscribe@yahoogroups.comn or join online.
Listowner: Steve Gay

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