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This is an annotated list of support groups and listservs for parents of children wih learning disabilities. Read descriptions and join the learning disabilities support group that best meets your needs.

Parent support groups and discussion listservs for learning disabilities are excellent resources for parents of children with LD. In addition to these specific learning disabilities groups, you may also wish to review related disability topic groups (such as sensory integration) in our Directory of Children's Disability Support Groups.

Dyslexia Support
Mailing list is for the discussion of dyslexia to exchange ways of helping school aged children. Open archives.
To Join: Send a blank email to or join online.

Dyslexia Support 2
This list is a support list for parents of children who are dyslexic.
To Join: Send a blank email to or join online.
Listowner: Annette Marshall

Dyspraxia Families
This British support group has been formed as a bridge for parents of dyspraxic children and adults with dyspraxia, based on the adult Dyspraxia Chat List. Dyspraxia (Apraxia) is the generic term used to cover a heterogeneous range of disorders affecting the initiation, organization and performance of action. Dyspraxia is also known as developmental coordination disorder and may also be present in people with autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia and dyscalculia, among others. It is a learning difficulty resulting from an immaturity of the way the brain processes information, so that messages not being fully transmitted to the body.
To Join: Send a blank email to or join online.

GT-Special (Gift Talented Special)
A support mailing list for parents of children who are gifted and also have a learning disability and/or other neurological problem(s).
To Join: Send an e-mail with the message subscribe gt-special to or join online

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