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Understanding My Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
By Kara T. Tamanini
"This self published children's picture book was created by a professional Christian mental health counselor to help children with ADHD understand that ADHD may lead to trouble in school and home. An older man shares his childhood story of struggling with ADHD and his success after getting help. Although overly wordy for its target audience in home or at school, it would be a good addition for professionals to place in their waiting rooms for children and parents to read." (Allison Martin)
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Brothers and Sisters
by Laura Dwight

"Heartwarming children's picture book about children with special needs and disabilities, written from the point of view of their siblings. A lovely display of high quality photographs is the main feature of each story, showing brothers and sisters happily interacting together, as they play and go about their normal day together. Informative and upbeat, this exceptional children's picture book stars children with Congenital Amputation (missing a limb), Asperger's Syndrome, Blindness, Down Syndrome, Deafness, and Cerebral Palsy. I highly recommend this special needs children's book for libraries, schools, doctors, therapists, or home."
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Show Jo How to Wash Your Hands
by Charlie Buckley

"A wonderful resource for preschool, kindergarten, therapist's office or home, this cheerful board book encourages and teaches children how to wash their hands. Step by step photographs show human hands washing correctly, while the accompanying page shows a funny bear making silly handwashing mistakes. Developed by a speech therapist specializing in autism, the text is encouraging, lighthearted, fun to read, while also being informative. A joy for children and adults, this well researched and useful book deserves a place on your bookshelf."
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Show Jo How to Make a Sandwich
by Charlie Buckley

"Jo, the adorable teddy bear, illustrates how to make (and how not to make!) a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Created by a speech therapist with expertise in autism in children, this cheerful board book demonstrates sandwich making step by step. The text and story encourage participation on many levels from children, including talking and responding. A wonderful example of a comparatively simple story with layers of learning - speech, cause and effect, motor skills, humor, articulation, and rhyming. Recommended for preschoolers and for young children with special needs such as autism, speech disorders, sensory integration, and learning disabilities."
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Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays: The Children's Anti-Stress Book
by Adolph J. Moser

"A great resource to help children learn to control their tempers. In cartoon form, children are taught anger triggers and coping skills. Highly recommended for elementary age or older, this book is both humorous and effective. Part of a helpful series of children's books on emotions and behavior management, of which Don't Rant and Rave on Wednesdays!: The Children's Anger-Control Book, is another good selection."
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The Smart Princess and Other Deaf Tales
by Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

"A collection of children's stories by deaf children, most of which relate a feeling of deaf pride. These short stories include a tale of children visiting a planet where everyone signs and speaking children are in the minority and a princess who runs away from an aunt who will not let her sign. This book would be a great resource to inspire children to share their own stories."
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Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence
By Luke Jackson
Author Luke Jackson share his view of life as a teen with Asperger syndrome in this this remarkable overview for families coping with high functioning autism or PDD. He provides an easy to follow introduction to Aspergers, and to teen issues. The descriptions of the differnt cncerpts are clearly presenetd - sensory integration, narrow food choices, coping with social situations, eye contact, etc. - but from the view point of a teen and the person has Aspergers. Of course people do vary and some parts may not apply to your child or reflect your thoughts an adult, but his sense of humor and directness is likely to appeal to many. I enjoyed this book and recommended it to my mother for her first introduction to Asperger syndrome. this summer break I will give it to my teenage son to read, to generate discussion on his view of coping with high school.
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Be Quite, Marina

Be Quiet, Marina!
by Kirsten Debear, Laura Dwight (Photographer)
"A gentle way to introduce the concepts of moderating noise and behavior with your friends, and of standing up for yourself. Wonderful illustrations and a sympathetic story."
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We Can Do It!

We Can Do It!
By Laura Dwight

"We Can Do It! is a wonderful resource for children and their parents and teachers learning about the special needs of their classmates. Every public or school library should have a copy."
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