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Targeting Autism

Shirley Cohen

Targeting Autism
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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Targeting Autism, by Shirley Cohen, is an informative and provocative analysis of the impact and treatment of autism in children today. The numbers of children diagnosed as autistic or having autistic-like characteristics (Aspergers, PDD, high functioning autism) increases each year. This book is an excellent resource for families are coming to terms with this disability and looking for ways to help their children live as full and successful lives as possible.

Shirly Cohen's presentation is considerate, frank and informed; research findings are interspersed with her personal observations. Targeting Autism provides an excellent guide for parents who wish to understand what autism is and how it impacts their children's thoughts, emotions and physical reactions. Her practical and expert description of the many, very different regimes proposed for the treatment of autism will enable parents to sort through the noise and implement the best course for their own child.

Targeting Autism is one of the few books available for parents that includes a detailed discussion of high functioning autism, as well as describing the issues of more severe autism. Her compassionate and scientific approach is evident in the thoughtful presentation of the book. She interweaves research with personal narratives of parents and children. Shirley Cohen also provides a glimpse into the world of the autistic child, which is so important in both understanding and acceptance.

For the parent (or teacher) who is just finding our about autism, Targeting Autism provides a marvelously up-to-date introduction and overview. If you have a child with autistic tendencies, this book may be invaluable.

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