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Uplifting Gifts Promote Autism Awareness. For that special someone, autism awareness slogans on t-shirts, license plates, mugs and more:

A variety of autism awareness slogans:

"One of a Kind"
Autism slogan on baby outfits, adult and child shirts, bags, more.

"Someone with Autism Loves ME"
Autism slogan on shirts, tiles, and more.

"Wish you could see the world thru their eyes.. Autism.. They see things differently."
Autism slogan on magnets, shirts, bags, stickers, more.

Proud Mom of someone with Autism
Autism slogan on shirts and more.

Autistic - Not Naughty
Autism slogan on kids and adults shirts, bags, mugs and more.

"We are all unique. Autism Awareness"
Autism slogan on kids shirts, onesies, adult shirts and more.
On a variety of baby, kids and adult products:

Autism T Shirts for Kids and Adults
Embrace Differences, Embrace Autism

Autism License Plate
"I Love Someone with Autism!"

Autism Tiles
"Would You Know It If You Saw It? Famous People. Autism"

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