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This is an annotated list of parent support groups and listservs for special education. Read descriptions and join the special education or special needs homeschooling support group that best meets your needs.

Special education parent support groups and discussion listservs are excellent resources for parents of children with special needs or disabilities. In addition to these specific special education support groups, you may also wish to review related disability topic groups (such as learning disabilities) in our Directory of Children's Disability Support Groups.

Reed Martin Sped Law (Special Education Law)
This was a fantastic resource - a discussion list of special education laws and advocacy techniques from Reed Martin, J.D. But it became a pay-for service in 2008, so I do not know if it remains as good as it was.
To Join: Pay $15 at

SpedTopics (Special Education Topics)
Psychology and psychiatry article summaries are posted routinely on this listserv for the special education community.
To Join: Send a blank email to or join online.

IEP Guide (Individual Education Plan)
High volume group with reprinted articles, links and support for IEP, Special education, 504 ,etc. Be aware that you will receive by email an avalanche of archived files on the IEP process, upon joining.
To Join: Send a blank email to or join online.

GT-Spec-Home (Gifted Special Needs Homeschooling)
Home-schooling gifted children with special needs.
To Join: Send an e-mail with the message SUBSCRIBE GT-SPEC-HOME to or join online.

HKWD (Homeschool Kids with Disabilities)
The mailing list for issues related to teaching a child with any special educational need at home.
To Join: Send an empty message to or join online.
Listowner: Maaja

Homeschooling Extraordinary Kids
For parents of children who are gifted in one or more areas but also have a learning difficulty, autism, etc.
To Join: Send an empty message to or join online

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