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Special Needs Adoption Resources

Adoption Book Reviews
Adoption attachment, older child adoption, how to adopt, and more! Well known adoption book review site, with unique reviews and original author interviews.

ComeUnity : Parenting, Adoption, Special Needs
Huge adoption website for support and information, with emphasis on waiting children, special needs adoption, health and medical information for international adoption, post adoption articles, and guidance on ethical and safe adoption.

Children's Disabilities Information
Information, articles and resources for special needs of children, including many special needs adoptions.

Directory of Adoption Mailing Lists
The top annotated guide to adoption discussion lists.

Special Needs Adoption
Personal stories and resources for adoption of children with special needs. Special Needs Adoption
Useful guide to special needs adoption articles.

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
US Department of Health and Human Services database of articles and resources for adoption.

National Adoption Center - Faces of Adoption
Large photolisting of US children with special needs waiting for adoption.

List of Adoption Photolistings
Guide to US and international photolistings of children who need homes.

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)
Adoption advocacy group with information on adopting US waiting children.

Special Needs Adoption

Adoption Books
Adoption Books
Special Needs Books

Adoption and Special Needs Books

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Instiutionalized Children
Which Special Need?
Adopting the Older Child
Are Institutions Homes?
Parents Wanted
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