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Toddler Adoption

By Mary Hopkins-Best

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

For first time parents, the book Toddler Adoption provides a thorough overview of the childhood stage of one to three year old children and the challenges and joys of the adoption of a toddler. A wide range of important topics are covered, including the adoption process, toddler development stages, parenting and a variety of adoption issues. Parenting issues of interest to adoptive parents include attachment and bonding, the importance of identifying and addressing special needs, behavior management and toddler needs. Key adoption topics include toddlers waiting for adoption, unique challenges and rewards of toddler adoption, the adoption process, and dealing with siblings and other family members.

Many more parents are adopting children that are beyond the baby stage in the past few years, than every before. Toddler Adoption attempts to address the dearth of information on this important stage of a child's development by providing extensive coverage of issues parents may encounter when adopting a toddler. Mary Hopkins-Best explains, "If the stories we were hearing were to be believed, then it appeared that adopting a toddler poses challenges that are substantially different from those in adopting an infant or older child. It follows, then, that a successful toddler adoption requires both special attention by adoption professionals and special strategies for adoptive parents. Failure to recognize the unique issues involved in helping a toddler make a smooth transition to a permanent family may lead to the assumption that the developmental regression, attachment delays, and behavior problems that often accompany the move are due to inadequate skills or commitment on the part of the adoptive parents."

It is unlikely that parents adopting toddlers will run into all the issues covered in this book. However, Toddler Adoption provides a solid introduction and framework to adoption and toddlerhood for those who are interested in adopting a child one to three years old.

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