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Soft Clothing for All Children

Soft is the first inclusive and universally designed line of clothing geared towards all children but specifically those with sensitivity to the texture and feel of clothing, a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers, and Sensory Processing Disorder. We use flat seaming, tagless and seamless construction, soft pre-washed cotton and more.

Many children are extra-sensitive to the texture and feel of clothing. Soft® is the first line of inclusive clothing designed with the needs of all children in mind, including those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and tactile defensiveness. We use flat seaming and seamless construction for extra comfort, 100% of the softest combed cotton and our specially developed Soft Sensory Blends, wide collars, encased elastic waistbands, printed labels (tagless), custom fits, and much more.

Created by a Mom and Special Education teacher, our goal is to design clothing that can enhance social skills, sensory organization, concentration, by addressing unique sensory needs, but without sacrificing personal style and self expression.

More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs that are largely unmet by the children's apparel market today. Soft is about to revolutionize children's apparel. We are the first inclusive and universally designed line of clothing geared toward children with sensory sensitivity, a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Soft is designed and constructed considering the needs of all children, particularly, sensory sensitive dressers.

Soft provides comfort and style for all children. After conducting over two years of in-depth market research, we learned a lot about what parents want and what children like. We have incorporated that feedback to create stylish and comfortable clothes for the people who need it most.

We use:

  • Flat seaming totally seamless construction throuought (for extra comfort)
  • Soft high quality cotton (combed, bio-washed and pre-washed for extra soft and smoothness)
  • Wide collars (for a roomy fit)
  • Encased elastic (waistbands that don't pinch)
  • Printed labels throughout -- printed with water based ink (for a smooth non-plasticy feel that won't itch)
  • Vegetable dyes, natural enzyme washes, and water based digital prints (to protect against allergies)

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