Children's Disabilities Information

Children's Disabilities Information

Essential articles and resources to empower parents of children with disabilities and special needs.

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Special Needs Books

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New Articles

Sensory Intregration Dysfunction Checklist and Suggestions for Teachers and Parents
Concerned about sensory integration dysfunction? Try this checklist.

What You Need to Know About Your Child’s Asthma
What Does It Mean for Parents and Families when Their Child is Diagnosed with Asthma?

Monitor Your Child in the Hospital
Accidents and illness may land your child in the hospital thi summer. What you should know.

Dairy, Cheese and Milk Allergies: How to Avoid Milk Based Products and Ingredients
Advice on avoiding milk, milk proteins (casein), and other dairy ingredients, when your child has food allergies.

Special Needs Site Sponsors is every parent's guide to childhood health conditions, symptoms and treatment.

Bling - Disability Decorations
Add pizazz & personality to your mobility device!

Children's Disabilities Information

Essential Articles and Resources for Parents of Children with Disabilities and Special Needs
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